Hosam Zowawi

2014 Young Laureate, Science & Health
Saudi Arabia, Born 1984


Project Goal

Develop faster superbug tests and raise awareness of antibiotic resistance

Location: Australia, Gulf region

“I feel a responsibility to work on antibiotic resistance because of the frightening things I see on a daily basis in the lab.”

Hosam Zowawi is a clinical microbiologist with an interest in antibiotic resistant bacterial diseases, the so-called “superbugs”. Due to the lethal nature of such infections, the time to diagnosis is critical and can often take too long to save the patient or stop the disease spreading rapidly to others. To this end, he has developed a fast diagnostic tool called “Rapid Superbug” that identifies the type of infection more quickly, facilitating appropriate treatment in the early stages of the infection. This offers better prospects for the survival of the patients, as well as helping to limit the spread of the disease.

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