Arthur Zang

2014 Young Laureate, Applied Technology
Cameroon, Born 1987

Project Goal

Invent Africa’s first medical computer tablet to help diagnose people with heart disease

Location: Cameroon

“To me, if you start something, you must finish it. That is what gives me the greatest satisfaction.”

By day, Arthur Zang may seem like any other university IT specialist, but, by night, he uses his technological know-how to pioneer cardiac health care in his native Cameroon. Zang has invented the Cardio Pad – which is believed to be Africa’s first handheld medical computer tablet. This device will allow health-care workers in rural areas to send the results of cardiac tests to specialists via a mobile phone connection, massively increasing the availability of cardiac health care for those living in remote rural parts of Cameroon, and ultimately in other developing nations. He is a gifted innovator who likes to put his ideas into practice and see them through to final completion.

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