Selene Biffi

2012 Young Laureate, Cultural Heritage
Italy, Born 1982

Project Goal

Revive traditional storytelling to craft a new narrative for Afghanistan

Location: Afghanistan

Early in life, Selene Biffi developed a social conscience and passion for community development.

When she was a teenager her parents helped to build a primary school for marginalized children in India. With only 150 euros, aged 22, Biffi launched an Internet-based NGO, Youth Action for Change, which provides young people in 130 countries with access to education. In 2009, she was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. Biffi has a BS in international economics and management from the Università Bocconi and a NOHA Master’s in Humanitarian Action from University College Dublin. She has a diploma in public policy and leadership from Harvard University and one in social entrepreneurship from INSEAD, among others. Biffi is now concentrating on her role as executive director of Plain Ink, which she founded in 2010 with her personal savings. She uses books, comics and storytelling to support communities around the world to build sustainable livelihoods.

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