Piyush Tewari

2010 Young Laureate, Science & Health
India, Born 1980


Project Goal

Train a network of police officers and volunteers to provide rapid medical care to road accident victims in Delhi

Location: India

After discovering that basic life support after a road accident might have saved his 17-year-old cousin's life, Piyush Tewari founded the SaveLife Foundation (SLF) to train police officers and volunteers to provide rapid care for the thousands injured on the roads each year.

A graduate of the University of Delhi, Piyush Tewari built a highly successful career as a director and general manager of a private equity firm. After his 17-year-old cousin died following a road accident, Tewari investigated the reason for his death -- the length of time it took to provide basic life support -- and, in his spare time, set up the SaveLife Foundation (SLF) to prevent unnecessary roadside fatalities. The foundation trains police officers and volunteers to provide rapid care including trauma management, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, control of bleeding and spinal immobilization for road accident victims.

In June 2011, Piyush Tewari left his job in private equity to become full-time CEO of the SaveLife Foundation.

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