Piyush Tewari

2010 Young Laureate, Science & Health
India, Born 1980


Project Goal

Train a network of police officers and volunteers to provide rapid medical care to road accident victims in Delhi

Location: India

"Our aim is to establish a community-driven chain of survival until India can develop and implement a national emergency services policy."

Police and Volunteers Save Lives with Training in Emergency Care
India has by far the world's highest number of road accident fatalities. On the congested streets of Delhi, for example, traffic accidents cause 2,000 deaths a year. But in this city of 12 million people and across the nation, 80 per cent of the injured receive no emergency medical help within the first vital hour after the accident. Traffic congestion and a shortage of emergency medical expertise contribute to the high death toll. Piyush Tewari is determined to save thousands of lives by ensuring that most accident victims in Delhi receive rapid medical care.

His foundation, in partnership with hospitals and a medical science institute, has already provided training sessions in basic life support to over 2,000 police officers, as well as 500 ordinary citizens. Thousands more people will receive training and Tewari's campaign will be further strengthened next year when he opens a call centre with full-time staff who will locate trained volunteers close to the scene of accidents and arrange for immediate assistance to be given to victims.


deaths caused by traffic accidents in Delhi every year


percentage of the injured who receive no emergency medical help within the first vital hour after the accident


police officers have received Tewari's training sessions in basic life support as of 2010


the average number of Indian people that die in road accidents per hour

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