Karina Atkinson

2012 Young Laureate, Environment
United Kingdom, Born 1985


Project Goal

Foster research and responsible tourism in a bio-diversity hotspot

Location: Paraguay

Karina Atkinson is using her science training to preserve the extraordinary bio-diversity of a Paraguayan lake, creating a destination for sustainable tourism and study.

After growing up in Glasgow, biologist Karina Atkinson discovered Paraguay in 2008. Her love for this nation has changed her life. She lives there, has published a book that is sold on the Internet about her experiences, and is learning the national indigenous language, Guaraní. Atkinson is bringing her training (a BSc from the University of Glasgow) and work in laboratories in Edinburgh and Boston to bear on her position as executive director of Para La Tierra, an NGO dedicated to the conservation of Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca.

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