Oscar Ekponimo

2016 Young Laureate, Applied Technology
Nigeria, Born 1986


Project Goal

Invent cloud-based technology to minimize food waste and provide affordable food to the poor 

Location: Nigeria

Born on 17 April 1986, Ekponimo earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computing from Nigeria’s University of Calabar and has completed an online course in technology entrepreneurship at Stanford University in the United States.

He is passionate about IT, and has developed software solutions for private enterprise and national security establishments.

Alleviating hunger has always been at the top of his agenda. At university, he and friends set up Blue Valentine to distribute warm meals to indigent street kids on 14 February. In 2013, this initiative evolved into SalvageHub, the precursor to Chowberry that earned him the International Telecommunications Union Award for technology innovation. Ekponimo also runs Food Drive, an ad hoc Chowberry initiative where he and other volunteers collect products within a week of expiry and distribute them to orphanages and homes for the elderly.

“As an IT professional, I have always viewed technology as a unique tool for solving many of Africa’s challenges,” Ekponimo says. “It is a medium to express creativity and passion with limitless possibilities, whether it be redefining industries or fostering sustainable development and human advancement.”

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