Arun Krishnamurthy

2012 Young Laureate, Environment
India, Born 1986

Project Goal

Restore urban lakes in India

Location: India

Arun Krishnamurthy is passionate about environmental education and practical conservation using community volunteers.

A graduate of Madras Christian College, Krishnamurthy completed a post-graduate diploma at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. He ran Roots & Shoots India, under the Roots & Shoots network, in 2008 and, in 2011, founded his NGO, Environmentalist Foundation of India. He has produced and directed two environmental documentaries, which have been screened nationally and internationally. Elixir Poisoned (2011) highlights the need to protect the aqueous environment and Kurma (2010), for which he received an award, describes the plight of sea turtles. Among his other commendations is a Google Alumni Impact Award in 2011. Recently he was chosen as a Youth Action Net Fellow by the International Youth Foundation.

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