William Rosenblatt

1996 Laureate, Science & Health
United States, Born 1959


Project Goal

Transfer unused medical supplies to the developing world

Location: United States

"We have a medical system that is wasteful, that is horrendously expensive."

Doctors and hospitals in many parts of the world are unable to carry out their work because of the lack of medical equipment, while in the world’s rich countries, particularly the United States, perfectly good medical supplies that have never been used are discarded after medical procedures. For the past 13 years, William Rosenblatt has been leading a revolution to bridge this gap.

$200 million

cost, in US dollars, of the clean, unused medical supplies that U.S. hospitals discard every year


tonnes of supplies collected by the pilot project


American hospitals that have established their own supply-recovery programmes based on REMEDY procedures


countries receiving supplies from REMEDY recovery programmes

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