Thean Soo Tee

1984 Laureate, Environment
Malaysia, Born 1936

Project Goal

Help prevent soil erosion and create a new cash crop by introducing asparagus to his country

Location: Malaysia

"The inhabitants now have better purchasing power, judging from the numerous shops that have opened in the local town."

Thanks to Malaysian agricultural engineer Thean Soo Tee, the severe erosion affecting the tropical highlands of Mt. Kinabalu in the State of Sabah has been reduced, and local farmers have discovered a profitable new crop — asparagus, virtually unknown in Malaysia a decade ago. Asparagus, with its dense root system that holds the soil together, continues to flourish in regions where Thean has initiated his planting techniques.


days between asparagus sprouting and harvesting, resulting in an extremely marketable vegetable


Mount Kinabalu farmers planting asparagus and other vegetables as of 1996


elevation, in metres, at which Mount Kinabalu's population lives

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