Teresa Manera de Bianco

2004 Laureate, Cultural Heritage
Argentina, Born 1944


Project Goal

Save a unique collection of prehistoric footprints

Location: Argentina

"If it weren't for the Rolex Award, there would be nothing left at Pehuen Co."

Argentinian palaeontologist and geologist Teresa Manera de Bianco is struggling to save a unique collection of animal footprints made 12,000 years ago. The three-kilometre-long site is now part of the Atlantic coastline near Teresa’s home, but 12,000 years ago it was an inland pond teeming with birds and mammals. Covered for thousands of years by sediment, the site is today under threat from rising sea levels and thousands of tourists. Confronting technical challenges and government bureaucracy, Teresa is racing against time to preserve the footprints in latex casts that will provide scientists with important clues about the life of animals that once roamed the pampas.


age, in years, of the tracks Teresa discovered


species for which tracks have been found

90 x 40

dimensions, in centimetres, of the site's biggest print, which was damaged by people in March 2006


year in which one of Teresa's students found human footprints in the rock

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