Suryo Wardhoyo Prawiroatmodjo

1990 Laureate, Environment
Indonesia, (1956-2013)

Project Goal

Establish Indonesia's first environmental education centre and pioneer an innovative model for this field

Location: Indonesia

"I want to give confidence to the villagers, tell them that what they’ve been doing is a treasure from our ancestors."

Conservationist Suryo Prawiroatmodjo, who died on 8 May, long believed that in order to protect our natural environment, people’s attitudes towards it must be radically changed. Winner of a Rolex Award for Enterprise in 1990, he brought about profound changes to attitudes in and beyond his native Indonesia. In recent years a struggle with illness made him even more determined to persuade people to save this threatened planet.


year in which an environmental education centre for Bali opened in Sanur


members in the Environmental Educators Network of Indonesia


number of recipes Suryo gathered into a cookbook for solar cookers

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