Sergei Bereznuk

2012 Laureate, Environment
Russia, Born 1960

Project Goal

Sergei Bereznuk is protecting the last of the Siberian tigers in Russia’s Far East

Location: Russian Far East

Sergei Bereznuk
A courageous man who believes that conserving the Amur tiger is possible through extended collaboration, awareness raising and education, Sergei Bereznuk has made his mark on the Russian Far East Province, the region where he was born.

Bereznuk received a degree in engineering from Vladivostok’s polytechnic institute in 1982 before beginning work in the import-export sector. The upheavals in the Soviet Union forced him to rethink his career and, in the mid-1990s, he focused his longstanding love for the natural world on the challenge of saving the Amur tiger. He served as deputy director of Inspection Tiger, an anti-poaching group, from 1995 to 1999, before joining the Phoenix Fund and becoming its director the following year. Under his leadership, the organization has grown into a leading conservation NGO in Primorye province.

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