Sergei Bereznuk

2012 Laureate, Environment
Russia, Born 1960

Project Goal

Sergei Bereznuk is protecting the last of the Siberian tigers in Russia’s Far East

Location: Russian Far East

Sergei Bereznuk
“Our Amur (Siberian) tiger programme is also our fight for people’s minds, to sensitize them to the beauty of nature and get them involved in conservation”

For the past 17 years, Sergei Bereznuk, a staunch Russian conservationist and ecologist, has been working valiantly to save the Amur tiger. Based on his experience since 1995 with a tiger anti-poaching brigade in the Primorsky Krai, the Russian Far East province commonly known as Primorye, Bereznuk is convinced that saving the Amur tiger depends on both the efficiency of anti-poaching measures and the education of the local people, two elements at the core of his Rolex Award-winning project. Moreover, he considers the Amur tiger as a powerful driver for the general conservation of its ecosystem, the taiga forest.

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