Royce O. Hall

1996 Laureate, Science & Health
United States, Born 1935

Project Goal

Build an eye hospital in the Tanzanian “bush”

Location: Tanzania

"Now by establishing an outpatient medical facility in Tanzania, I will be able to devote more time to a special people who have been virtually ignored by the world at large."

After 15 years performing thousands of cataract and other eye operations in Africa, ophthalmologist Dr Royce Hall set out to build an eye hospital in the mountains of Tanzania. The dedicated physician — driven by a desire to give the gift of sight to the underprivileged — plans to bring state-of-the-art, but low-cost, surgery procedures to the African "bush", while teaching the local Maasai to work as skilled paramedics. The hospital is expected to handle 3,000 cataract operations a year when completed.


people in Tanzania and Kenya who are blind, mainly due to poor diet and inadequate medical care


blind people Royce's hospital will be able to operate on per year


fee, in cents, per consultation at Royce's hospital

20 - 30

eye operations Royce performed per day during expeditions to East and West Africa

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