Rory Wilson

2006 Laureate, Applied Technology
United Kingdom, Born 1957

Project Goal

Use mobile technology to track how wild animals use energy

Location: United Kingdom

"This single concept can become a powerful tool to enable us to study and understand difficult animals and thus acquire the information necessary to safeguard their welfare."

English zoologist Rory Wilson is renowned for developing ingenious ways to track wild animals and record their behaviour without directly observing them. His latest invention, a lightweight electronic logger, can go where satellite-based tracking devices cannot, to observe free-living animals. Rory’s new logger harnesses the laws of physics to accurately estimate the energy expenditure of animals on land, at sea and in the air, and is set to revolutionize research into the behaviour of threatened species, and obtain precious data to help save them and their habitats.


African penguins that exist today, compared to two million a century ago


devices or techniques that Rory has invented to study wild animals and record their natural behaviour

1 : 8

ratio of bird species that are endangered, according to the 2006 IUCN Red List

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