Pierre Morvan

1987 Laureate, Science & Health
France, Born 1935

Project Goal

Study ground beetles to improve understanding of what triggers evolutionary change

Location: Nepal

"Thanks to the windfall of the Rolex Award, I was able to collect an abundant amount of material; thousands of insects … Ninety per cent of the museum collections are provided by amateurs like me."

Pierre Morvan, a self-taught expert on insects, has made his mark in science by exploring insect populations in a region often out of bounds to professional scientists – the isolated and inaccessible regions of the Himalayas. The region has become as familiar to him as the streets of Paris, where he worked as a taxi driver for over 30 years. Winner of a Rolex Award for Enterprise in 1987, Pierre has brought order to a vast and poorly understood family of beetles, the Carabidae — otherwise known as ground beetles (Coleoptera Carabidae).


new species discovered by Pierre


beetles Morvan collected by 2009


miniscule marks on the head of genus Batenus that distinguish them from other ground beetles


scientific articles Morvan has authored

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