Nancy Lee Nash

1987 Laureate, Environment
Hong Kong

Project Goal

Broaden the understanding of conservation through Buddhist precepts

Location: China

"As I see it, you have to make use of every possible corner of our society to support a responsible attitude towards nature, and religion can be one of our most powerful allies."

Enlisting the aid of ancient and powerful ideas to promote contemporary causes is far from new: politicians the world over have successfully used religion for their own purposes. So when Nancy Nash decided to harness some of Buddhism’s fundamental precepts to promote environmental awareness and conservation, she was confident the strategy would succeed. And it has. Ten years after its recognition in the Rolex Awards for Enterprise, the Buddhist Perception of Nature Project has developed and grown, providing hope in a bleak picture of global environmental degradation.

300-500 million

Buddhists in the world


copies in first printing of Tree of Life: Buddhism and Protection of Nature


temples to which Tree of Life has been distributed


year in which Nash was added to the United Nations Environment Programme's Global 500 Roll of Honour.

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