Nancy Jones Abeiderrahmane

1993 Laureate, Applied Technology
Mauritania, Born 1947

Project Goal

Establish a milk-pasteurising and camel cheese-producing dairy


Location: Mauritania

"Thanks to the dairy, traditional methods of treating livestock are being overturned...People are beginning to look at animal husbandry as an economic activity, not merely a way of life passed on from father to son."

When Nancy Abeiderrahmane opened Africa’s first camel milk dairy in Nouakchott in 1989, most Mauritanians wouldn’t think of buying — let alone drinking — processed milk from local livestock. Today, their attitudes are completely changed. They now enjoy a dozen different domestic dairy products, and imports of foreign milk products have fallen significantly. Nancy, whose tenacity, drive and acumen are rarely matched, is behind this amazing transformation, and her work has made an important contribution to improving the quality of life in Mauritania.


litres of milk produced by the dairy per day


families earn income from Abeiderrahmane's project


herders supply fresh milk


retail outlets buy dairy products from Laitière de Mauritanie

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