Michel Terrasse

1984 Laureate, Environment
France, Born 1938


Project Goal

Reintroduction of vultures to the Cévennes region of France to ensure their survival

Location: France

"I can’t help getting involved. I am simply obsessed with preserving animals in their natural habitat, and birds of prey above all."

The last griffon vulture disappeared from the Cévennes in the south of France 60 years ago. Its cousin, the European black vulture, had deserted France a century earlier. Keen to undo the past, 1984 Rolex Award Laureate Michel Terrasse has been working for 35 years to return these magnificent birds of prey to their natural habitat. Today, Terrasse has reason to be pleased — vultures released back into the wild since 1982 are now ensuring the survival of both species.


approximate number of griffon vultures in the Jonte in 2003


vultures of several species now living in Cévennes


visitors to the Vulture Centre and Lookout as of 2003

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