Lonnie Dupre

2004 Laureate, Exploration
United States, Born 1961


Project Goal

Raise awareness of global warming through Arctic crossing

Location: United States

In May 2005, Arctic explorer Lonnie Dupre set out with co-explorer Eric Larsen on an ambitious expedition to heighten awareness of global warming.

When American polar explorer Lonnie Dupre is not on an expedition, he spends his time as an educator, photographer, author, carpenter and lecturer, spreading the word about the effects of global warming, which he has witnessed firsthand.

Dupre, born in 1961, completed the world’s first circumnavigation of Greenland by kayak in 1997-1998. In another history-breaking feat —although thwarted by conditions caused by global warming in their Rolex Award-supported expedition in May 2005 — Dupre and co-explorer, Eric Larsen, were the first to reach the North Pole in summer, in July 2006.

Their One World Expedition used a dedicated website to help inform a global audience of millions about the journey and the challenges encountered due to global warming.

In 2009, Dupre is setting out on the Peary Centennial North Pole Expedition to help lay the foundation for an International Arctic Treaty. He is also planning an unsupported crossing of Antarctica in 2011.

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