Lindy Rodwell

2002 Laureate, Environment
South Africa, Born 1962

Project Goal

Create a pan-African network to protect blue and wattled cranes

Location: South Africa

"You’ve got a direct link between the health of the birds, the survival and sustainability of these wetlands and the health of the people."

Lindy Rodwell has devoted the past 11 years to preserving the cranes of Africa, whose magical presence is woven into her childhood memories and the cultural fabric of her native South Africa. With its wetland habitats disappearing, the wattled crane, Africa’s biggest crane, is critically endangered in South Africa. Following the birds’ distribution across Africa, Lindy is expanding her conservation network, aiming to combine the efforts of volunteers and experts in the 11 “wattled crane states” of central and southern Africa, while protecting the wetlands on which cranes and many people depend.


crane species worldwide


countries to which Lindy hopes to expand the network


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