Les Stocker

1990 Laureate, Environment
United Kingdom, 1943-2016


Project Goal

Create Europe's first-ever wildlife teaching hospital in England to care for injured animals

Location: United Kingdom

Since rescuing his first hedgehog in the late '70s, Les Stocker has transformed his amateur veterinary hobby into a world hub for wildlife care.

Les Stocker has come a long way since the days 30 years ago when he was treating injured wildlife in a shed in his back garden in Aylesbury, England. Today, the former accountant turned wildlife saviour and consultant, born in 1943, is running the Wildlife Hospital Trust and its wildlife teaching hospital, known as Tiggywinkles, the United Kingdom’s first and arguably Europe’s foremost facility of its kind.

Stocker credits his 1990 Rolex Award with giving credence to his work and for his OBE (Order of the British Empire) and acceptance in New York’s Academy of Sciences.

Over the years, Stocker and his team have treated tens of thousands of traumatized wildlife with their innovative techniques. Through Stocker’s seminal books, he has been able to impart this experience to interested people and organizations worldwide.

In addition to publishing more books, Stocker intends to encourage a coalition of rehabilitators across Europe to get wildlife treatment onto the agenda of veterinarians. 

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