Les Stocker

1990 Laureate, Environment
United Kingdom, 1943-2016


Project Goal

Create Europe's first-ever wildlife teaching hospital in England to care for injured animals

Location: United Kingdom

"An animal will fight for life, if you give it a chance … And when you see the bird or animal go off into the wild when it’s better, you feel as if you’ve really achieved something."

Englishman Les Stocker won a Rolex Award in 1990 to establish Europe’s first wildlife teaching hospital. The hospital was soon set up and continues to expand, but along the way Stocker has achieved much more, becoming a highly respected expert on first aid and rehabilitation for sick and injured wild animals.


number of injured animals the Wildlife Hospital Trust treats per year


full-time staff at the Wildlife Hospital Trust


pages in Practical Wildlife Care, Stocker's book on how to treat wild animals


number of volunteers at the Wildlife Hospital Trust

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