Laurent Pordié

2000 Laureate, Science & Health
France, Born 1971

Project Goal

Promote Tibetan medicine to communities in Ladakh

Location: Ladakh

"Amchi healing must survive because of its vital social role in village life."

Tibetan medicine has been practised for more than 1,000 years in Ladakh, in India’s far north. The very survival of this complex system of healing, ritual and belief — known as Amchi medicine — was threatened by the 20th century’s huge social changes. But over the past six years French anthropologist and ethno-pharmacologist Laurent Pordié, who won a Rolex Award in 2000, has led a campaign that will help ensure Ladakhis continue to benefit from Amchi medicine for generations to come.


Amchi health centres being established in remote parts of Ladakh


percentage of Ladakh's 250,000 citizens that will have access to health care


percentage of the 22 students in the medical school opened by Pordié who are women


years required to become a fully trained Amchi

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