Kenneth W. Hankinson

1984 Laureate, Exploration
United Kingdom, Born 1952

Project Goal

Explore Brabant Island and research the effects of prolonged exposure to cold

Location: Antarctica

"Stamina and a stable temperament are as important as physical fitness."

The harsh Antarctic environment has ensured that the continent remains the earth’s last unexplored wilderness. However, British air force lieutenant Kenneth Hankinson and 34 young men in the U.K.’s armed services became the first to spend an Antarctic winter in tents and the first to navigate canoes so close to the South Pole. During their 16-month project, they made pioneering studies of the effects of prolonged exposure to cold and surveyed the biology and geology of Antarctica’s largest unexplored island.


approximate number of plant and animal samples Kenneth and his team collected


size, in square metres, of the expedition's insulated hut


percentage of Brabant Island covered by snow and ice


highest elevation, in metres, of Brabant Island

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