Johan Gjefsen Reinhard

1987 Laureate, Exploration
United States, Born 1943

Project Goal

Rescue and preserve the cultural patrimony of the Andean people

Location: Peru

"The Ice Maiden was discovered by chance, it had its own kind of drama. It was an incredible adventure and I knew it was going to be an important discovery right at the time of finding it."

Johan Reinhard’s 1995 discovery of the 500-year-old Inca “Ice Maiden” could easily have been the apex of his life. One of the best-preserved bodies from pre-Columbian times thrilled millions worldwide, unleashing a wealth of knowledge. Yet the high-altitude cultural anthropologist and archaeologist was not satisfied with this achievement. He was convinced that better-preserved mummies were yet to be found on remote Andean mountain-tops. And, as the looting of ancient sites became a global business, he was determined to rescue and preserve the heritage of the Andean people.


years that have passed since Juanita was alive

13 - 15

Juanita's age, in years, at the time of her death


number of high-altitude ritual sites Johan has discovered


museums built to house the mummies and artifacts uncovered by Johan

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