Georgina Herrmann

1996 Laureate, Cultural Heritage
United Kingdom, Born 1937

Project Goal

Explore the central Asian Silk Road caravan city of Merv

Location: Turkmenistan

"The 60-odd existing monuments at Merv are unique. Nothing like them has survived elsewhere."

In the middle of the Kara Kum desert in the Central Asian republic of Turkmenistan lies Merv, three ancient cities full of archaeological treasures and knowledge of the past. Dr Georgina Herrmann, a 1996 Rolex Award Laureate, is one of the driving forces behind the international effort to unearth and understand the secrets of the area.


centuries during which Merv flourished

1221-1222 AD

years the Mongols swept through Merv, looting and destroying the city


weeks per year when the temperature and ground conditions at Merv are appropriate for digging


number of closed-top steel furnaces excavated from Merv

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