Eduardo Llerenas

1981 Laureate, Cultural Heritage
Mexico, Born 1945

Project Goal

Tracking and recording Mexico's rich folk music heritage

Location: Mexico

In the 1960s, Eduardo Llerenas, a university research scientist, discovered Mexico's centuries-old tradition of folk music while exploring the countryside around Mexico City.

Fascinated by this national treasure, he soon began recording and promoting it. In 1981, he won a Rolex Award to record music from regions of Mexico he had not yet visited. The Award brought him — and Mexican music — international renown. Within a few years, he was able to give up his university job, turning his hobby into the focus of his life. In 1992, he established Discos Corason, which is now Mexico’s leading traditional music label and has brought national and international recognition to many musicians.

Having recorded thousands of songs by hundreds of groups, Eduardo Llerenas is still as passionate as ever about folk music. He is currently digitalizing his entire music archive and continues to work with traditional musicians all over the world.

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