Dave Irvine-Halliday

2002 Laureate, Applied Technology
Canada, Born 1942


Project Goal

Supply low-cost LED lighting systems to people in developing countries who have no electricity

Location: Nepal

"A child could read by the light of a single diode!"

About two billion people in remote areas of developing nations have no electric light, a commodity industrialized nations take for granted. Poor lighting in homes hinders children’s learning, affects family health and limits opportunities for a better life. Electrical engineer Dave Irvine-Halliday realised that a single 0.1 watt, white-light emitting diode supplies enough light for a child to read by. The simple but revolutionary technology supplied to homes by his Light Up The World Foundation can light an entire rural village with less energy than that used by a single, conventional, 100 watt light bulb.


number of Nepal's 3.4 million households that have a reliable power supply


homes lit by LED lamps in 2009


batteries discarded in Nepal every year, contaminating soil and waterways


amount, in US dollars, Nepalese households spend on batteries and kerosene, half the average annual income

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