Chanda Shroff

2006 Laureate, Cultural Heritage
India, 1933-2016

Project Goal

Revive traditional hand embroidery to create a sustainable income for women

Location: India

"An idea at the intersection of conservation, education, enterprise and empowerment — an idea that could light a fire, especially in the hearts of the younger generation."

In a remote part of India, one woman has established a movement to revive the traditional hand embroidery, creating a sustainable means of income for local women. The region of Kutch once had a long and rich tradition of embroidery which made a welcome contrast to the region’s austere landscape. But, from the 1960s onwards, synthetic materials and machine work pushed this craft close to extinction. Acutely aware of its cultural, social and spiritual value, Chanda Shroff is preserving this unique heritage while promoting an exquisite art form and empowering women in highly conservative societies.


distinct styles of embroidery handed down through the generations in Kutch


women who have directly benefited from Shrujan


number of hand-embroidered display panels in the first phase of Pride and Enterprise


rural craftswomen who took part in the first phase of Pride and Enterprise

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