Antonio De Vivo

1993 Laureate, Exploration
Italy, Born 1958

Project Goal

Explore the forests and caves of the isolated Rio La Venta Canyon in Chiapas, southern Mexico

Location: Mexico

"No longer can we expect to discover new lands but, rather, we must conduct in-depth studies in the least known parts of the world, areas so remote they were last traversed by our ancestors."

Through a series of expeditions to study the speleological, hydrological and archaeological aspects of the Rio La Venta Canyon, Antonio De Vivo and a multidisciplinary team of cavers and researchers have begun to unravel the secrets buried in this isolated region and gather proof that the canyon was an important route of communication and commerce for a highly developed pre-Columbian civilization.


depth, in metres, of the Cueva de La Venta


hours it took Antonio and his team to explore the Cueva de La Venta


length, in metres, of subterranean pre-Columbian temple discovered by Antonio

800-900 A.D.

time period to which El Castillo belongs

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