Anita Studer

1990 Laureate, Environment

Project Goal

Develop a long-term reforestation and environmental education programme in north-east Brazil

Location: Brazil

"Someone who plants a tree with his or her own hands will think twice before burning trees down to clear the land."

On 1 June 2002, 3,000 people paraded through the Brazilian village of Quebrangulo and then set about planting tree saplings. For Anita Studer, from Switzerland, the event was the culmination of 13 years of work, for one of the trees planted on 1 June was the millionth sapling in her plan to reforest the region, a project for which she won a Rolex Award in 1990.


trees planted as of 2009


hectares of Pedra Talhada forest that have been declared a federal reserve, thanks to Studer


percentage by which slash-and-burn agriculture has decreased in local communities


percentage increase in the population of the rare anumara bird since the start of reforestation

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