Andrew Muir

2008 Laureate, Environment
South Africa, Born 1965

Project Goal

Provide training and jobs to young people orphaned by AIDS

Location: South Africa

"The vulnerability of these orphans has generally been 18 years in the making and will need something pretty intense and all-embracing to turn it around!"

South African conservationist Andrew Muir is harnessing the healing powers of nature to help young people orphaned by HIV/AIDS become independent citizens. Andrew’s Umzi Wethu programme provides vulnerable but motivated youths with vocational training and jobs in the burgeoning ecotourism industry, while immersing them in their country’s rich natural heritage.


percentage of youth attending Umzi Wethu who were orphaned because of AIDS


percentage of graduates from Andrew's two Eastern Cape academies who have made the successful transition into employment


the number of jobs Andrew wants to create over the next 10 years

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