Aldo Lo Curto

1993 Laureate, Science & Health
Italy, Born 1949

Project Goal

Practise medicine among indigenous peoples and teach them how to avoid illness

Location: Brazil

Since 1980, Dr. Aldo Lo Curto has spent several months every year traveling the world, providing medical care and basic hygiene instruction to indigenous people.

For more than three decades, Italian physician Aldo Lo Curto has divided his time between his medical practice in Canzo, Italy and treating indigenous people the world over, from his much-loved Brazil to Mongolia and the Solomon Islands.

Born in Sicily in 1949 and educated in Padua, the “volunteer travelling doctor” continues to spend half of each year pursuing his mission to provide free health care to the disadvantaged in Latin America, Asia and Africa, combining Western medical techniques with age-old indigenous medicine.

Lo Curto’s illustrated health education manual, Indio: Manual de Saúde, for which he received a Rolex Award in 1993, helped save lives, prevented the most common diseases and encouraged the use of local medicinal plants among the native Amazonians.

Since the Rolex-supported version, Lo Curto has published healthcare manuals in many countries and now intends to put these handbooks on the internet for use by local nurses, doctors, educators and medical students.

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