Aldo Lo Curto

1993 Laureate, Science & Health
Italy, Born 1949

Project Goal

Practise medicine among indigenous peoples and teach them how to avoid illness

Location: Brazil

"My constant concern is to understand the traditions of the people I visit and to understand how they deal with illness. In the West there is too much emphasis on technology in medicine and not enough on human contact."

Physician Aldo Lo Curto has worked as a doctor in almost 40 countries in the past 20 years, putting himself at the service of humanity. This "volunteer travelling doctor" and 1993 Rolex Laureate spends half the year in his medical practice in Canzo, in northern Italy, and the rest of his time healing, teaching and living among indigenous people on several continents. At the same time, he wants to bring indigenous holistic views of illness to the West in order "to humanize the relationship between doctor and patient".


percentage reduction in illnesses after Aldo teaches basic hygiene


months Aldo typically spends in Brazil each year


health manuals Aldo was able to print, thanks to his Rolex Award


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