1987 Jury Member

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Location: Brazil

Yoshimine Ikeda
Brazil, Born 1940

Oceanographer, professor at the Oceanographic Institute of the University of Sâo Paulo, and an active scientist, Yoshimine Ikeda is known for his work in the area of physical oceanography. He has played a major role in the preparation and implementation of the first Brazilian expedition to Antarctica. 

Born in Brazil, Yoshimine Ikeda studied at the School of Engineering of the Catholic University of São Paulo, and went on to continue his education at the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo (USP). Between 1969 and 1979, he held scholarships at the most prestigious research institutions in Brazil and other countries, where he undertook work of considerable significance in the field of Brazilian oceanography.

ln 1974, in conjunction with the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California, he carried out research on remote-sensing techniques in oceanography and on methods for measuring ocean currents; he also made significant progress in the study of sea diffusion. Under the auspices of Louisiana State University, he measured currents, waves, tides and various meteorological factors in order to study environmental changes occurring along the north-eastern coast of Brazil.

He was responsible for the planned scientific studies for the first Brazilian expedition to Antarctica and, in March 1983, he received the Antarctica Mission Medal awarded by the Brazilian Ministry of the Navy.

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