2014 Jury Member

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Location: United Kingdom

Adam Rutherford
United Kingdom, Born 1975

Geneticist, author and broadcaster Adam Rutherford is one of Britain’s best known science communicators. He brings science alive for the reader like few others, says London’s The Guardian newspaper. Rutherford studied developmental evolution at University College London (UCL) and went on to complete a Ph.D at UCL’s Institute of Child Health – Great Ormond Street Hospital where he worked as part of a team that studied how the retina develops and helped identify the genetic basis of a form of childhood blindness. For more than a decade, he worked as an editor at Nature, during which time he made short online films and podcasts about new research. Since 2013, Rutherford has been the lead presenter of the weekly Inside Science programme on BBC Radio 4. Among the varied topics he covers are astronomy and art, human evolution, and science and cinema. For BBC Television, he has created such series as the award-winning The Cell (2009), a documentary chronicling the history of the discovery of cells; The Gene Code (2011), covering the decoding of the human genome; and an episode of the flagship science show Horizon called Playing God, on genetic engineering and the rise of synthetic biology. He is currently filming The Beauty of Anatomy, a five-part series for BBC4 on anatomical art. Rutherford’s recently published book, Creation: The Origin of Life/The Future of Life, two short books in one, surveys these momentous issues. A self-proclaimed “professional geek”, Rutherford is known for tackling science with humour. He toured with Professors Brian Cox and Steve Jones and others as part of the Uncaged Monkeys show, an irreverent look at the world according to science, and was scientific advisor on a pre-school children’s animation series and an apocalypse movie, World War Z.

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