1998 Jury Member

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Location: Germany

Reiner Klingholz
Germany, Born 1953

“Journalism for me is a lifelong study,” remarks Reiner Klingholz, science editor of the renowned science, nature and travel magazine GEO “It gives me the chance to familiarize myself with new subjects all the time.”

Klingholz was raised in the industrial town of Ludwigshafen, home to one of Germany’s largest chemical plants. Influenced by this environment, he decided to study chemistry, but later, fascinated with molecular biology, he undertook genetic research. His insatiable curiosity soon led him into journalism and the position of science and environment editor of Die Zeit, the influential German weekly newspaper.

During the past eight years at GEO, first as a staff writer and, since 1994, as head of the science department, Klingholz has covered topics from climatic change to the social impact of genetic engineering and the problems of over-population. Such themes have also served as the subjects of his books.

The crusading journalist has won several coveted prizes for his work, including an award from the German Environment Foundation and two from the German Ministry for Business Cooperation. As the chairman of GEO’s Tropical Rain Forest Project, Dr Klingholz and his colleagues have supported more than 50 initiatives to save the rain forests since 1990.

An accomplished photographer, he has carried out his own personal expeditions to remote places — armed with only a camera.

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