1978 Jury Member

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Location: Switzerland

Olivier Reverdin
Switzerland, 1913-2000

Olivier Reverdin is a man of many interests and titles with a passion for the environment. Over the years, he has combined work as a brilliant journalist, politician and scholar. He was a founding member of the Club of Rome and WWF Switzerland.

Born in Geneva, Olivier Reverdin is a doctor of literature and a past foreign member of the prestigious French School in Athens. An attaché at the Swiss legation in Rome during the war, since 1945 he has been a university lecturer. He currently is a professor of Greek language and literature at the University of Geneva.

A parliamentary correspondent from 1945 to 1954, editor from 1954 to 1960, as well as director of the Journal de Genève from 1955 to 1967, Reverdin has been the elected deputy for Geneva in the National Council since 1955.

His numerous activities and positions bear witness to the eclectic nature of his distinguished career: He served as president of the Swiss National Council for Scientific Research and president of the Hardt Foundation Council for the study of Classical Antiquity, as well as authoring several books on classical antiquity and on the history of Switzerland and of Geneva.

In addition, Reverdin occupies a prominent position in several European organizations. A representative in the Consultative Assembly of the Council of Europe since January 1964, he was president of the Cultural Commission from May 1966 to April 1967, and president of the Commission for Science and Technology from April 1967 to May 1969. He was president of the Consultative Assembly from 12 May 1969 until the beginning of 1972.

Olivier Reverdin died on 16 June, 2000.

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