1984 Jury Member

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Location: Japan

Michio Nagai
Japan, 1923-2003

Educational sociologist, government minister and author, Michio Nagai has been primarily concerned with the long-term requirements of education in our increasingly technical world. Serving as minister of education, culture and science, he contributes his expertise to a variety of major national and international bodies. 

Michio Nagai took his B.A in philosophy at Kyoto University, followed by a Ph.D in educational sociology at Ohio State University, USA, in 1952. He returned to Kyoto University as assistant professor in educational sociology. Later, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, he became a professor of sociology.

His visiting lectureships have included posts at Columbia University, Hong Kong University, Stanford University and El Colegio de Mejico. He was also research associate at the University of California, Berkeley.

ln 1970 Mr. Nagai became a member of the editorial board of the Asahi Shimbun Press and in 1971 director of the Communications Institute, East-West Center, USA.

ln 1974 he was appointed Minister of Education, Culture and Science in Japan and in 1977 became professor of international relations at Sophie University in Tokyo.

ln 1979 he was named senior advisor to the rector at the United Nations University and in 1981 council member of the University for Peace, Costa Rica.

His views on both national and international education and sociology are sought in his role as member of the editorial board of the Asahi Shimbun Press and he has found time to write three books in English on education, as well as many others in Japanese.

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