1990 Jury Member

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Location: Spain

Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nágera
Spain, 1926-1990

Psychiatrist and novelist, Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nágera has played an outstanding role in the development of psychiatric and psychopathological studies in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries. He has campaigned strongly for extensive improvements in the treatment and care of the mentally disabled and has inspired major reforms in this area. At the same time, he is an accomplished novelist and has written several best-sellers.

Juan Antonio Vallejo-Nágera, a former professor of psychiatry and psychopathology at the Complutense University of Madrid, completed his studies in medicine in Madrid in 1949, and was subsequently promoted to the university’s chairs of psychiatry and psychopathology. He was appointed successively as director of the National Institute of Therapeutic Pedagogics, of the National Psychiatric Hospital of Leganés, and of the Madrid Psychiatric Research Centre. He is also a member of the Royal National Academy of Medicine of Madrid. He has also received many scientific and medical awards.

His major publications include two textbooks on psychiatry, making a major contribution to the reform of psychiatric institutions in Spain and helping to bring about legislative changes. His latest book, Ante la depression — which was written for the public at large to provide help and guidance to those suffering from depression and their families — was a bestseller in Spain and had a significant impact on public attitudes. Vallejo-Nágera is currently directing preparation of an encyclopaedia of psychiatry and psychology.

Alongside his scientific work, Prof. Vallejo-Nágera has pursued an extensive literary career. His book Yo el Rey, which had a print-run of 780,00 copies (a Spanish record), was awarded the 1985 Planeta Prize; it has also been translated into Italian. Another of his publications, Locos Egregios, was Spain’s best-selling book in 1977. It went through 22 editions in Spanish and Italian.

Prof. Vallejo-Nágera died in 1990.

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