2004 Jury Member

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Location: Italy

Cristina Rapisarda Sassoon

Prominent lawyer and journalist Cristina Rapisarda Sassoon has worked tenaciously to protect the environment, galvanizing Italian business and industry to tackle such issues as waste management and pollution.

“It is industry’s responsibility to develop techniques that prevent and eliminate pollution,” says Rapisarda Sassoon. As secretary general and managing director of the Italian Institute for the Environment from 1998 to 2003, the highly successful legal consultant urged legislators and business people to accept proven environmental management systems.

Rapisarda Sassoon began developing her legal skills at the State University of Milan where she graduated summa cum laude in law. She then taught law at Pavia State University and served as a professor of environmental law at Milan’s Technical University, a position she held from 1998 to 2000.

A professional journalist since 1995, she first headed the legal section of the magazine Impresa Ambiente (Enterprise and Environment) in 1989 and for five years was its editor-in-chief. Through this monthly publication, she targeted thousands of small businesses with her pragmatic environmental messages. Since 1999, she has been editor-in-chief of the bimonthly Ambiente e Sviluppo (Environment and Development).

Despite her busy career, she has managed to write numerous books and articles on environmental themes and maintain a close relationship with her two sons. Her manual on environmental laws was published in 2003. Rapisarda Sassoon is now director of the research unit of Touring Club Italiano, the Italian national organization for tourism development, and CEO of Global Trends, her own company, which is involved in sustainability strategies.

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