Zenón Gomel Apaza

2006 Associate Laureate, Environment
Peru, Born 1969


Project Goal

Transform Andean communities through traditional agriculture

Location: Peru

"I decided to unlearn everything in order to let the daily experience of Andean life teach me where to go."

In 1994 Peruvian agricultural engineer Zenón Gomel Apaza returned to his homeland in the Andes to help farmers with his modern knowledge. He soon realised, however, that the cultural traditions and harsh conditions of the region called for more traditional skills and knowledge and that his ancestors’ rich agricultural techniques were adopted.

Gomel Apaza now works to revive traditional Andean agriculture, documenting farmers’ traditional know-how and encouraging biodiversity to ensure food security and diversity of species. He has established a network of exchange and knowledge-sharing between local communities that he hopes to expand in order to preserve the rich agricultural heritage of the region.

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