Valerio Sbordoni

1998 Associate Laureate, Exploration
Italy, Born 1942

Project Goal

Explore the remote caves and potholes of southern Mexico to discover new species

Location: Mexico

"If we are able to maintain these components of diversity, there is the possibility that the tropical rainforest may spread again and regenerate even after a long arid period has intervened.”

For sheer richness and variety of life in all its forms, no area on earth can match the tropical rainforest. Valerio Sbordoni, a biologist, zoologist and speleologist from Italy, is a world expert in the obscure underground habitats of the tropics, where he has discovered dozens of species never before known to mankind. Sbordoni now plans a series of expeditions to search for life forms — and to test new theories of biodiversity and the evolution of species — in the remote caves and sotanos (giant potholes) of southern Mexico.

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