Rodrigo Medellín

2008 Associate Laureate, Environment
Mexico, Born 1957

Project Goal

Save endangered bats through protection and education

Location: Mexico

Mexican professor Rodrigo Medellín has devoted himself to protecting bats by educating people — especially children — about the role of bats in the ecosystem.

Bats, a species reviled by many, have been the life’s focus of Mexican Rodrigo Medellín. Since he was 12 years old, Medellín (born in 1957), professor of ecology and conservation at the Institute of Ecology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, has devoted himself to protecting these often endangered mammals and educating people, especially children, about their role in the ecosystem.

Medellín reports that the Rolex Award he won in 2008 for his bat conservation programme has given him exposure beyond his greatest expectations. In addition to massive media coverage, he has received congratulations from around the world, including a message from the mayor of Chicago.

He now is using the prize money to reach into remote areas, exposing additional communities to his model educational programmes and conserving more bat species. Specifically, the Award will allow him to document further the crucial seed dispersal service provided by bats.

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