Peter Knights

1998 Associate Laureate, Environment
United Kingdom, Born 1964

Project Goal

Eliminate consumer demand for endangered wild animal by-products through an innovative public awareness campaign

Location: China

"Most organizations seek to protect wildlife through preservation of their habitat … we focus on the market itself, to try to eliminate demand, which is the real key.”

Peter Knights, a 34-year-old British ecologist, has launched a series of public campaigns across Asia to end the consumption of body parts from endangered species.

Used in traditional Chinese medicine, in exotic foods or as curios, parts of tigers, rhinos, bears, elephants and marine turtles are bought and sold in an illegal international trade worth billions of US dollars a year, a trade that has pushed many animals to the brink of extinction. After initial successes in Taiwan and Hong Kong, Knights wants to expand his crusade — one of the first international efforts aimed specifically at consumers rather than suppliers — to make endangered animal products socially unacceptable in Asia.

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