Norberto Luis Jácome

1996 Associate Laureate, Environment
Argentina, Born 1960

Project Goal

Store reproductive material of endangered species in a genetic bank

Location: Argentina

Norberto Luis Jácome has devoted over 20 years to his campaign to save the Andean condor (Vultur gryphus), the world’s biggest flying bird.

In danger of disappearing from much of its original habitat, this magnificent creature’s extinction would be a major blow not only to the region’s ecological balance, but also to the indigenous communities who consider the bird a sacred link between humans and God. The goal of Jácome’s Andean Condor Conservation Project is to prepare condors born in captivity for life in the wild, thus boosting the natural population. In 1996, when he received his Rolex Award, he had yet to liberate his first condor. Since then he has released over 100 across South America.  This committed Argentine conservationist, who says that the condor project is his life’s work, hopes to create a South American Conservation Strategy for the Andean condor, with a National Conservation Strategy tailored for every country in the region.

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