Mario Robles del Moral

1996 Associate Laureate, Environment
Spain, Born 1958

Project Goal

Establish a national reforestation programme in Spain

Location: Spain

A former nurse, Robles del Moral has studied environment management , sustainability and corporate responsibility, economics and anthropology — and works to replant forests.

The unflagging efforts of Mario Robles del Moral, of Spain, to reforest the earth are meeting with continuing success, year after year.

A former nurse, Robles del Moral (born in 1958) has supplemented his education with a degree in environment management and a master’s in sustainability and corporate responsibility. Today, he is pursuing a doctorate in economics and completing a degree in anthropology.

His project, “Forests of Spain”, has evolved positively since he won his Rolex Award in 1996, becoming “Forests of the Earth” and the Greenway programme, which aims to create a path of forests worldwide. Every year, about 1,000 volunteers and 300 students participate in reforestation activities, with as many as 20,000 new trees planted in Spain alone.

The Rolex Laureate is currently involved in the U.N.’s Climate Neutral Network and a photovoltaic platform to convert sunlight into electricity.

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