Luc-Henri Fage

2000 Associate Laureate, Exploration
France, Born 1957

Project Goal

Save ancient cave paintings in the caves of eastern Kalimantan, Borneo

Location: Indonesia

French film-maker, photographer and journalist, Luc-Henri Fage has developed skills throughout his life that allow him to satisfy his passion to explore karstic areas in such far-flung places as Papua New Guinea, Patagonia and Borneo.

Fage’s long series of speleo-archaeological expeditions began in 1988 when he first discovered Borneo’s prehistoric cave paintings. In 1994, after an arduous trek through dense jungle, he and his co-explorers came across ancient rock paintings, rare artistic treasures that depict stencilled hands.

Thanks to his 2000 Rolex Award, Fage was able to fund an expedition the following year, and, through contacts he made at National Geographic, a further one in 2003. In addition, a film of the discovery was made for the ARTE television network in the wake of the publicity. A 176-page illustrated book of his 11 expeditions, Borneo: Memory of the Caves, which he co-authored, was published in French, English and Indonesian.

Fage continues planning and carrying out major multidisciplinary expeditions to the biodiversity-threatened Borneo region and elsewhere.

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